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Hi joset,

I'll be starting with your second question.

joset wrote: And why create the page dynamically (java code) instaed of static declaration (module.xml) ?

As EBR said earlier in this thread, you can't declare the properties themselvers in the module.xml file, only indicate a java class:
<property-page name="XXXPropertyPage" label="%XXXPropertyPage.label" image="" class="" />

joset wrote: Can you telle me where to insert code "this.propertyPages.add(" inside the module ?

In the XXXPropertyPage class from the module.xml file you have two methods to implement:
  • the update method to add properties to be displayed.
  • the changeProperty method to react to a property change in the view and modify the model.

You should take a look at the property page section of the module developer's guide for Modelio 3.x or Modelio 4.x .
The signatures are a little different, but it works exactly the same.

Hope this helps,


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