file Unable to resolve maven archetype from Modelio repository

6 years 3 months ago #2589 by Badboyabout

I'm having trouble creating the Module maven project as detailed in the Developer guide. I can add the repository, and verify that it contains five archetypes. I can select the 3.1 version, and progress through to clicking on finish.

But... Instead of a maven project I get a dialog stating that the archetype cannot be resolved from the Modelio repository.

I have successfully created the simple maven project from the eclipse tutorial.

I have been playing with Modelio for a couple of days, and a novice Eclipse user... I'm completely stumped any help would be appreciated.


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6 years 3 months ago #2593 by ffe
Hello Badboyabout,

We have fixed a reference in pom.xml file in the maven repository.
A reference to our local server was remaining.

Before retrying to create a new module, you must delete some directories in maven cache (by default in $HOME/.m2/repository):
- org/modelio/modelio-maven-plugin
- org/modelio/modelio-module-archetype
- org/modelio/MDAKit

Best regards,
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6 years 3 months ago #2594 by Badboyabout
Hi'ya ffe

Thank you, I didn't find Modelio-maven-plugin or MDAKit directories in 'the maven cache' ... I'm also picking up the namoculture lingo. But did delete the modelio-maven-archetype directory.

Success, JUnit project successfully created. It's got a little red x badge on the project icon, and another red x badge on the icon for the Pom.xml file in the package explorer; which I'm thinking is not a good omen. Opening Pom.xml I'm being told "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: org.modelio:modelio-mav (Click for 1 more)"... In the properties for JUnit dialog, Maven > Lifecycle Mapping indicates error in modelio:module-validation and modelio:module-configuration.

It would seem that I've got some quick fixes Discover new m2e connectors, Permanently mark goal as Ignore in (it goes off the pop up), and mark goal as ignored in Eclipse build in Eclipse pr (it goes off the pop up).. The discover thingie doesn't seem to have worked. I imagine I will be back later begging for additional helps ;-)

But I'm off to work through the tutorial further, which looks rather interesting. Thank you again for your help,

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