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8 years 8 months ago #2229 by jmfavre
Since there is no full-fledge and complete "example" (the junit module tutorial is just plain text if I'm not wrong, and it cannot be downloaded), I've started to have a look at the other modules (xsd module, modeler module, togaf module, ...) as a source of inspiration.

While I've been able to successfully build and package the modelio core workspace thanks to these nice instructions , I do not manage to understand what is the best way to set up an environnement for the other modules provided . I mean, the repository of each module contains an eclipse project, but I don't know in which workspace they are supposed to be installed.

Should I install everything in the modelio core workspace? I don't think so.

Are these projects intended to be installed in different workspaces? Or all in the same? How to deal with dependencies between projects (i.e. between modules, and documentation modules, etc.).

I guess that the answer is simple but today I'm fed up with eclipse version mismatch, dependencies issues, maven version problems, etc :oops:

Thanks for all kind of information

BTW. Scripting is REALLY cool, especially when compared with module development, packaging, deployement, etc...

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8 years 8 months ago #2296 by chm
Hi jmfavre,

sorry for keeping you waiting for so long, I kind of forgot this post completely... :blush:

Module projects are not supposed to be installed in a specific place, they all should be working with relative directories only. I have some in the 'core worspace', and others in another workspace lost somewhere in my hard drive...

Most modules only depend on Modelio, a few eclipse things and a documentation jar. All of those dependencies should be available on the modelio public maven repository .

If something is missing/not available on a module project, I'd say you should ask the project manager, or post a message in this section... (module development)

Module developemnt might a little more complex to start, but it is really usefull to add automatic behavior, element creation commands and MDA extensions to be used in a lot of projects. :)

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