The Modelio development team is glad to announce the release of Modelio 3.7.0 Build 201711022300. It provides new features, evolutions, several bug fixes and improvements.

New Features

- New ergonomics for the BPMN feature! It now fully supports the BPMN 2.0 standard.

BPMN Collaboration Diagram

- Improved ‘Diagram Themes/Element Styles’ feature to make diagrams customization more user friendly.

- The ‘Symbol’ view has been integrated to the diagrams editor for easier access.

symbol view


  • The Modelio toolbar has been re-organised.
  • Diagrams which were open when closing a project will be automatically reopened.
  • The order of attributes and operations is now synchronized between diagrams and model view.
  • It is now possible to define a default MIME type for Description Notes in Modelio’s Preferences.
  • It is now possible to provide an initial content to the Rich Notes.
  • ...

See the release note for more information

Download Modelio 3.7.0 RC1

If you find any regression or problem let us know on the forum or on the forge bug tracker.

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