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The white papers published here present real-life projects and case studies involving Modelio, introducing you to some of the main features of modelio and helping you get the most out of this powerful and versatile tool.

New white papers will be added regularly, so don't forget to visit this page from time to time. Each white paper can be read separately.


pdf-1Improve your Java development efficiency (en) HOT
Date-1Wednesday, 29 June 2016 09:04
Language-1  English
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Despite the advantages of modeling an application before coding it, most Java developers are not using modeling tool for their developments. Modeling allows them to define the architecture and its evolution, and also communicate this information efficiently to others in the development team. The problem is that once developers begin coding, ad-hoc changes to the code are not reflected in the model, and the model gradually loses sync with the code and becomes useless. This white paper will walk through typical Java modeling use cases and describe how Modelio can be used to model Java architecture. It will demonstrate one of Modelio's most useful features: its ability to automatically maintain consistency between the code and the model, so that any changes made to the code will automatically update the model and vice-versa.

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