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Language packs are available since Modelio 3. Please find here a list of language packs for your Modelio version. If you need an older version please contact us on the forum.

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How to install a language pack?
Want to contribute to propose a new language pack?

How to install a language pack?

If you have downloaded a Language Pack for Windows, Red Hat/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu just run the setup and it will be installed automatically in your Modelio environment. In other cases, unzip the downloaded language pack in your Modelio installation folder. Please note that the language pack contains 2 folders plugins and features. These 2 folders must be extracted from the language pack and overwrite the existing ones.

When you launch Modelio, the tool detects the language of your operating system and uses the language of your system.
You can force Modelio to use a specific language by adding "-nl <Language shortcut>" to the application command. (For example, type "modelio -nL fr" to have Modelio in French language).

Want to contribute to propose a new language pack?

Please contact the Modelio development team on the forum.

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