A Lane element defines one specific partition in a LaneSet. The Lane can define a partition element which specifies the value and element type, a tool can use to determine the list of Flow Elements to be partitioned into this Lane. Ownership: A Lane belongs to a LaneSet
: BpmnLane (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 64 : BpmnLane (architecture_autodiagram)
ChildLaneSet : BpmnLaneSet [0..1]
FlowElementRef : BpmnFlowElement [0..*]

The list of FlowNodes partitioned into this Lane according to the partitionElement defined as part of the Lane element.

LaneSet : BpmnLaneSet [1..1]
BpmnPartitionElementRef : BpmnBaseElement [0..1]

A reference to a BaseElement that specifies the partition value and partition type. Using this partition element a BPMN compliant tool can determine the FlowElements that have to be partitioned in this Lane.