The Collaboration package contains classes which are used for modeling Collaborations, which is a collection of Participants shown as Pools, their interactions as shown by Message Flow, and may include Processes within the Pools and/or Choreographies between the Pools. Ownership: Collaborations/Processes are structured under UML Packages or Classifiers or operations.
: BpmnCollaboration (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 63 : BpmnCollaboration (architecture_autodiagram)
boolean IsClosed [1..1]
A boolean value specifying whether Message Flow not modeled in the Collaboration can occur when the Collaboration is carried out. ? If the value is true, they MAY NOT occur. ? If the value is false, they MAY occur.
Artifact : BpmnArtifact [0..*]
MessageFlow : BpmnMessageFlow [0..*]
This provides the list of Message Flow that are used in the Collaboration.
Participants : BpmnParticipant [0..*]
Messages : BpmnMessage [0..*]
DefinedProcess : BpmnProcess [0..1]