Several elements in BPMN are subject to store or convey items during process execution. These elements are referenced generally as "item-aware elements". This is similar to the variable construct common to many languages. As with variables, these elements have a ItemDefinition.

The data structure these elements hold is specified using an associated ItemDefinition. An item-aware element may be underspecified, meaning that the structure attribute of its ItemDefinition is optional if the modeler does not wish to define the structure of the associated data.

An ItemAwareElement belongs to a Flow Element COntainer or a SubProcess.

: BpmnItemAwareElement (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 60 : BpmnItemAwareElement (architecture_autodiagram)
TargetOfDataAssociation : BpmnDataAssociation [0..*]
Data associations that computes the value of this element.
ItemSubjectRef : BpmnItemDefinition [0..1]
DataState : BpmnDataState [0..1]
SourceOfDataAssociation : BpmnDataAssociation [0..*]
Data associations that use this element to compute a value.