A Link Event is a mechanism for connecting two sections of a Process. Link Events can be used to create looping situations or to avoid long Sequence Flow lines. The use of Link Events is limited to a single Process level (i.e., they cannot link a parent Process with a Sub-Process).

Paired Link Events can also be used as "Off-Page Connectors" for printing a Process across multiple pages. They can also be used as generic "Go To" objects within the Process level. There can be multiple source Link Events, but there can only be one target Link Event. When used to "catch" from the source Link, the Event marker will be unfilled. When used to "throw" to the target Link, the Event marker will be filled.


: BpmnLinkEventDefinition (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 38 : BpmnLinkEventDefinition (architecture_autodiagram)
Source : BpmnLinkEventDefinition [1..*]
Target : BpmnLinkEventDefinition [1..1]