Compensation Events are used in the context of triggering or handling compensation. There are four (4) variations: a Start Event, both a catch and throw Intermediate Event, and an End Event. - The Compensation Start Event MAY NOT be used for a top-level Process. - The Compensation Start Event MAY be used for an Event Sub-Process. - The catch Compensation Intermediate Event MUST only be attached to the boundary of an Activity and, thus, MAY NOT be used in normal flow. - The throw Compensation Intermediate Event MAY be used in normal flow. - The Compensation End Event MAY be used within any Sub-Process or Process.
: BpmnCompensateEventDefinition (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 28 : BpmnCompensateEventDefinition (architecture_autodiagram)
string WaitForCompletion [1..1]
The Expression might be underspecified and provided in the form of natural language. For executable Processes (processType = executable), if the trigger is Conditional, then a FormalExpression MUST be entered.
ActivityRef : BpmnActivity [0..1]