Definition of the TaggedValues permitted for a given metaclass.

TagTypes are defined in MDA Modeler projects. TagTypes cannot be created using the Java / Jython language. They belong at metalevel, and are not structured at model level.

: TagType (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 287 : TagType (architecture_autodiagram)
string ParamNumber [1..1]
Number of parameters an occurrence may have.
boolean IsQualified [1..1]
Determines whether or not an occurrence (TaggedValue) has a qualifier.
boolean BelongToPrototype [1..1]
Determines whether or not a TagType occurrence belongs to the signature. For example, the TagType * that defines a pointer declaration in C++ belongs to the prototype of operations.
boolean IsHidden [1..1]

Indicates whether or not this tag type will be visible for manual addition/suppression by the user.

string LabelKey [1..1]

The tag type label key used to look into module resources for the translated stereotype label.

TagOccurence : TaggedValue [0..*]
OwnerStereotype : Stereotype [0..1]
OwnerReference : MetaclassReference [0..1]