Defines a specific kind of Note.

NoteTypes are conditioned by Modelio plug-ins (editors and modules). For example, the definitions of document templates are made before those of the associated text definitions. These are determined by textual headings, which must be entered in order to be used by generated documents. The same applies to generated code, which determines the textual zones to be entered. Services are provided in order to find the available Notes for the current Project.

: NoteType (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 281 : NoteType (architecture_autodiagram)
boolean IsHidden [1..1]

Indicates whether or not this note type will be visible for manual addition/suppression by the user.

string LabelKey [1..1]

The note type label key used to look into module resources for the translated stereotype label.

string MimeType [1..1]
Element : Note [0..*]
OwnerStereotype : Stereotype [0..1]
OwnerReference : MetaclassReference [0..1]