Text attached to a ModelElement.

Notes correspond to the UML notes appearing in diagrams on ModelElements. They can include implementation code, documentation and every possible kind of textual information. Notes are related to NoteTypes, which declare the Notes permitted in a model. In Modelio, Notes belong to their annotated ModelElement. Notes correspond to the UML 2.0 Comment metaclass. The Note name defines the purpose of the Note, and has to conform to the NoteType name, where this is defined.

: Note (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 280 : Note (architecture_autodiagram)
string Content [1..1]
Textual content of the Note. This text can be a description or any syntax used for a target language.
string MimeType [1..1]
The mime type of the note. This is an indication about the contents of the note and about the fromat of this content. If no value is set (null or empty string), the mime type for the Note is taken from the NoteType.
Model : NoteType [1..1]
The NoteType defines the different kinds of Notes that are allowed in a particular context (in specific MDACs, for example).
Subject : ModelElement [0..1]
The annotated element owning this note.