Named entity in a Model.

A ModelElement describes every element that can exist in a model. Only low-level Elements are not ModelElements. 

ModelElements can be extended by Stereotypes and TaggedValues, can have Notes, can be the origin or target of Dependencies, and can have Constraints.

: ModelElement Architecture Diagram (automatic)
Figure 279 : ModelElement Architecture Diagram (automatic)
string Name [1..1]
Name of the element.
LocalProperties : LocalPropertyTable [0..1]
The local property table. This table is not copied with the element. This table is not versioned with the element on SVN managed models, it is local to the working copy.
Extension : Stereotype [0..*]

Stereotypes metaclassifying the ModelElement.

DependsOnDependency : Dependency [0..*]
Designates a Dependency that relates to a supplier ModelElement.
Tag : TaggedValue [0..*]
TaggedValues annotating the ModelElement.
ImpactedDependency : Dependency [0..*]
Dependencies whose source depend on this element.
Properties : PropertyTable [0..*]
Owned property tables.
Product : AbstractDiagram [0..*]
Descriptor : Note [0..*]
Notes (documentation, code, and so on) describing the ModelElement.
Matrix : MatrixDefinition [0..*]
Owned matrices.
impactImpacted : ImpactLink [0..*]
Impact link targeting this element.
impactDependsOn : ImpactLink [0..*]
Impact links from this element. Gives the elements this one depends on.
Attached : AbstractResource [0..*]
Attached resources