An Operation defines Messages that are consumed and, optionally, produced when the Operation is called.

It can also define zero or more errors that are returned when operation fails. The Operation inherits the attributes and model associations of BaseElement.

: BpmnOperation (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 24 : BpmnOperation (architecture_autodiagram)
Sender : BpmnSendTask [0..*]
InMessageRef : BpmnMessage [1..1]
specifies the input Message of the Operation. An Operation has exactly one input Message.
Caller : BpmnServiceTask [0..*]
OutMessageRef : BpmnMessage [0..1]
specifies the output Message of the Operation. An Operation has at most one input Message.
EventDefinition : BpmnMessageEventDefinition [0..*]
BpmnInterfaceRef : BpmnInterface [1..1]
Receiver : BpmnReceiveTask [0..*]