Parameter for templated elements.
NameSpaces and Operations can be templated by TemplateParameters. Concerning NameSpaces, this particularly applies for Classes, Packages and Collaborations. In Modelio, TemplateParameters belong to their parameterized NameSpace or Operation.
: TemplateParameter (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 241 : TemplateParameter (architecture_autodiagram)
string DefaultValue [1..1]
Default parameter value, when the IsValueParameter is true.
boolean IsValueParameter [1..1]
Expresses if the parameter is a value, which is in this case "DefaultValue".
ParameterSubstitution : TemplateParameterSubstitution [0..*]
Type : UmlModelElement [0..1]
Default parameter type, when IsValueParameter is false.
Parameterized : NameSpace [0..1]
OwnedParameterElement : UmlModelElement [0..1]
A TemplateParameter references a ParameterableElement that is exposed as a formal template parameter in the container template. This parameterizable element is meaningful only within the template, or other templates that may have access to its content (for example, if the template supports specialization). The exposed parameterizable element may not be used in other parts of the model. A TemplateParameter may own the exposed ParameterableElement in situations where that element is only referenced from within the template.
DefaultType : UmlModelElement [0..1]
Value that the parameter takes if no specific value is specified.
ParameterizedOperation : Operation [0..1]