Representation of a relationship between a templateable element and a template.
A TemplateBinding specifies the Substitution of actual Parameters by the formal Parameters of the template. A TemplateBinding is a directed relationship from a bound templateable element to the template signature of the target template. A TemplateBinding owns a set of TemplateParameterSubstitutions.
: TemplateBinding (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 240 : TemplateBinding (architecture_autodiagram)
ParameterSubstitution : TemplateParameterSubstitution [0..*]
The ParameterSubstitutions owned by this TemplateBinding.
BoundOperation : Operation [0..1]
InstanciatedTemplateOperation : Operation [0..1]
The element that is bound by this Binding.
InstanciatedTemplate : NameSpace [0..1]
The template element that is the target of the Binding.
BoundElement : NameSpace [0..1]