Specification of an interaction point of the Classifier.
(UML 2.0) Ports are connected to other Parts through Connectors through which requests can be made to invoke the behavioral Features of a Classifier. A Port may specify the services a Classifier offers to its environment, as well as the services that a Classifier expects of its environment. In Modelio, Ports are declared on Classes (UML 2.0 structured Classifiers) by creating them in the Class's internal structure. These Ports can then be shown on Instances of the Class, by creating Port instances in the Class instances, and by binding these Port instances to the Ports defined at Class level. In Modelio, a Port always belongs to a Class, a Component or a Signal.
: Port (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 235 : Port (architecture_autodiagram)
boolean IsBehavior [1..1]
Specifies whether requests arriving at this Port are sent to the Classifier behavior of this Classifier. Such Ports are referred to as behavior Port. Any invocation of a behavioral feature targeted at a behavior Port will be handled by the instance of the owning Classifier itself, rather than by any instances that this Classifier may contain. The default value is false.
boolean IsService [1..1]
If true, indicates that this Port is used to provide the published functionality of a Classifier. If false, this Port is used to implement the Classifier but is not part of the essential externally-visible functionality of the Classifier and can, therefore, be altered or deleted along with the internal implementation of the Classifier and other properties that are considered part of its implementation. The default value for this attribute is true.
boolean IsConjugated [1..1]
Specifies the way that the provided and required interfaces are derived from the Port's Type. The default value is false.
PortOrientation Direction [1..1]

Specifies the way that the data flows through the Port.

Provided : ProvidedInterface [0..*]
References the Interfaces specifying the set of operations and receptions which the Classifier provides to its environment, and which it will handle either directly or by forwarding it to a part of its internal structure.
Required : RequiredInterface [0..*]
References the Interfaces specifying the set of operations and receptions which the Classifier expects its environment to handle.