Definition of how one Package extends another Package by merging their contents.
A PackageMerge is a relationship between two Packages, where the contents of the target Package (the one pointed at) is merged with the contents of the source Package through specialization and redefinition, where applicable. This is a mechanism that should be used when elements of the same name are intended to represent the same concept, regardless of the Package in which they are defined. A merging Package will take elements of the same kind with the same name from one or more Packages and merge them together into a single element using Generalization and redefinitions. It should be noted that a PackageMerge can be viewed as a short-hand way of explicitly defining those Generalizations and redefinitions. The merged Packages are still available, and the elements in those Packages can be separately qualified.
: PackageMerge (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 233 : PackageMerge (architecture_autodiagram)
MergedPackage : Package [1..1]
Package that is merged with the current Package.
ReceivingPackage : Package [1..1]