Relationship that allows the use of unqualified names to refer to Package members from other NameSpaces.
A PackageImport is defined as a directed relationship that identifies a Package whose members are to be imported by a NameSpace. A PackageImport is a relationship between an importing NameSpace and a Package, indicating that the importing NameSpace adds the names of the members of the Package to its own NameSpace. Conceptually, a PackageImport is equivalent to having an ElementImport to each individual member of the imported NameSpace, unless there is already a separately defined ElementImport.
: PackageImport (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 232 : PackageImport (architecture_autodiagram)
VisibilityMode Visibility [1..1]
Member visibility (public or private).
ImportingOperation : Operation [0..1]
ImportingNameSpace : NameSpace [0..1]
ImportedPackage : Package [1..1]
Specifies the Package whose members are imported into a Namespace. Subsets DirectedRelationship:: target.