Individual pieces of invocable behavior.
In Modelio, this metaclass defines both the Operation, and the method implementing it. An Operation belongs to its Classifier.
: Operation (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 230 : Operation (architecture_autodiagram)
boolean Concurrency [1..1]
Distinguishes the different invocation modes of an Operation. This typically specifies concurrent modes.
boolean Final [1..1]
Final operations cannot be redefined. Some OO languages, such as Java, optimize final operations.
MethodPassingMode Passing [1..1]
Method passing mode (in or inout). By default, this is inout. This mode determines whether the message receiver object is updated (inout) or not (in) when the method is invoked.
OwnedImport : ElementImport [0..*]
Elements imported by the Operation.
Thrown : RaisedException [0..*]
Redefinition : Operation [0..*]
Example : Collaboration [0..*]
Collaborations that illustrate the dynamic of the Operation. A Collaboration can be used to express the initial state of an Operation when it starts running.
SRepresentation : Signal [0..*]
OwnedBehavior : Behavior [0..*]
A behavioral description that implements the behavioral feature.
IO : Parameter [0..*]
Defines the parameters making up the Operation.
TemplateInstanciation : TemplateBinding [0..*]
Binds the Operation to the template operation that it instanciates.
Owner : Classifier [1..1]
OwnedPackageImport : PackageImport [0..*]
Packages imported by the Operation.
Return : Parameter [0..1]
Link to the possible return parameter. The return parameter is only distinguished by this association, from the IOParameter.
InstanciatingBinding : TemplateBinding [0..*]
Usage : Message [0..*]
Template : TemplateParameter [0..*]
In case of template operations, this association defines its template parameters.
Occurence : Event [0..*]
Invoker : Transition [0..*]
CommunicationUsage : CommunicationMessage [0..*]
OwnedCollaborationUse : CollaborationUse [0..*]
Collaboration occurrences owned by the Operation.
Redefines : Operation [0..1]
CallingAction : CallOperationAction [0..*]
EntryPointAction : AcceptCallEventAction [0..*]