Element in a model that contains a set of named elements that can be identified by name.
A NameSpace is a named element that can own other named elements. Each named element may be owned by at most one NameSpace. A NameSpace provides a means of identifying named elements by name. Named elements can be identified by name in a NameSpace either by being directly owned by the NameSpace or by being introduced into the NameSpace by other means, for example, import or inheritance. Namespace is an abstract metaclass. A NameSpace can own Constraints. The Constraint does not necessarily apply to the NameSpace itself, but may also apply to elements in the NameSpace. In Modelio, NameSpaces are generalizable. They can contain Interactions and are the definition context for Instances. In Modelio, a NameSpace belongs to another NameSpace, with the single exception of the Root NameSpace, which is associated to the Project.
: NameSpace (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 222 : NameSpace (architecture_autodiagram)
boolean IsAbstract [1..1]
An abstract NameSpace is defined on a very general level and does not have direct instances.
boolean IsLeaf [1..1]
Determines if the NameSpace is an inheritance tree leaf. This prohibits future inheritance.
boolean IsRoot [1..1]
Determines that the current NameSpace is the root of a Generalization tree.
VisibilityMode Visibility [1..1]
Defines the visibility of the NameSpace, inside its owning NameSpace (visibility of a Class in a Package, for example).
Parent : Generalization [0..*]
Association to the Parent NameSpace through the intermediate Generalization class.
TemplateInstanciation : TemplateBinding [0..*]
Relates to the template that is instanciated by the current NameSpace.
Representing : Instance [0..*]
OwnedBehavior : Behavior [0..*]
Behavior specification that specifies the behavior of the namespace itself.
Received : DataFlow [0..*]
OwnedInformationFlow : InformationFlow [0..*]
Importing : ElementImport [0..*]
Sent : DataFlow [0..*]
DataFlows sent by the NameSpace.
OwnedDataFlow : DataFlow [0..*]
DataFlows belong to a NameSpace. If they have an origin NameSpace, then this is the owner. Otherwise, the NameSpace constituting the definition context of the DataFlow (this typically designates the Package in which the diagram has been defined) will be the owner.
OwnedCollaborationUse : CollaborationUse [0..*]
Collaboration occurences can be owned by NameSpaces such as Packages, Classes and Collaborations.
OwnedPackageImport : PackageImport [0..*]
Packages imported by the NameSpace.
Template : TemplateParameter [0..*]
In the case of template classes, this association defines its template parameters.
Specialization : Generalization [0..*]
Realized : InterfaceRealization [0..*]
Declared : Instance [0..*]
Instances declared in the context of the current NameSpace.
InstanciatingBinding : TemplateBinding [0..*]
OwnedImport : ElementImport [0..*]