Property, like Operation or Attribute, which is encapsulated within another entity, such as an Interface, a Class or a DataType.
In the metamodel, a Feature declares a behavioral or structural characteristic of an Instance of a Classifier or of the Classifier itself. Properties of a Class can be handled in an abstract way. In Modelio, an AssociationEnd is also a Feature. The name of a Feature corresponds to the name of the role of the opposite related Class. In Modelio, a Feature belongs to its Classifier.
: Feature (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 213 : Feature (architecture_autodiagram)
VisibilityMode Visibility [1..1]
Member visibility (public, protected, private, or package).
boolean IsClass [1..1]
Specifies a Class member that is shared by all instances of the Class.
boolean IsAbstract [1..1]
Determines abstract features, that is to say, those not implemented at this level.