Identification of an element in another Package, allowing the element to be referenced using its name without a qualifier.
ModelElement.Name: Specifies the name that should be added to the namespace of the importing Package in lieu of the name of the imported PackagableElement. The aliased name must not clash with any other member name in the importing Package. By default, no alias is used.
: ElementImport (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 209 : ElementImport (architecture_autodiagram)
VisibilityMode Visibility [1..1]
Specifies the visibility of the imported PackageableElement within the importing Package. The default visibility is the same as that of the imported element. If the imported element does not have a visibility, it is possible to add visibility to the element import. The visibility of an ElementImport is either public or private.
ImportingNameSpace : NameSpace [0..1]
ImportedElement : NameSpace [1..1]
Specifies the PackageableElement whose name is to be added to a Namespace. Subsets DirectedRelationship::target.
ImportingOperation : Operation [0..1]