Representation of a particular use of a Collaboration.
(UML 2.0) A CollaborationUse (or collaboration occurrence) represents one particular use of a Collaboration to explain the relationships between the properties of a Classifier. A CollaborationUse indicates a set of roles and Connectors that cooperate within the Classifier according to a given Collaboration, indicated by the type of the collaboration occurrence. There may be multiple uses of a given Collaboration within a Classifier, each involving a different set of roles and Connectors. A given role or Connector may be involved in multiple occurrences of the same or different Collaborations. Associated Bindings map Features of the Collaboration type to Features in the Classifier. These Bindings indicate which role in the Classifier plays which role in the Collaboration. In Modelio, a CollaborationUse can belong to a NameSpace (Classifier or Collaboration) or to an Operation.
: CollaborationUse (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 203 : CollaborationUse (architecture_autodiagram)
Type : Collaboration [1..1]
Defines the Collaboration whose CollaborationUse is an occurrence.
NRepresented : NameSpace [0..1]
ORepresented : Operation [0..1]
RoleBinding : Binding [0..*]
The CollaborationUse owns the Binding links that bind elements of the Type Collaboration to elements accessible from the owner NameSpace of the CollaborationUse.