Description of how a Classifier or Operation is realized by a set of Classifiers used and related in a specific way.
(UML 2.0) A Collaboration is represented as a kind of Classifier, and defines a set of cooperating entities to be played by instances (its roles), as well as a set of Connectors that define Links between the participating instances. The cooperating entities are the properties of the Collaboration. A Collaboration is not instanciable. A Collaboration specifies a view (or projection) of a set of cooperating Classifiers. It describes the required Links between instances that play the roles of the Collaboration, as well as the Features required of the Classifiers that specify the participating instances. Several Collaborations may describe different projections of the same set of Classifiers. In Modelio, Collaborations have the same meaning. Modelio extends them, by allowing them to directly bind Parts and Connectors to other ModelElements. This means that a bound Collaboration can be directly entered. In Modelio, a Collaboration belongs to a UseCase, a Class, a Package, a Collaboration or an Operation.
: Collaboration (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 202 : Collaboration (architecture_autodiagram)
boolean IsConcurrent [1..1]
Expresses if the Collaboration between objects is concurrent or sequential.
ORepresented : Operation [0..1]
BRepresented : Behavior [0..1]
Occurrence : CollaborationUse [0..*]