A classification of instances. A Classifier describes a set of instances that have something in common. A Classifier can have Features that characterize those instances.
A Classifier is an abstract view of the most important metaclasses such as Class, UseCase, Actor, Component and Node. A Classifier notably factorizes the aggregation to Features. The Classifier can act as a structured Classifier (as defined in UML 2.0). In this case, its internal structure, which expresses its configuration in terms of Parts and Ports, is defined through a dedicated Collaboration. A Classifier is owned by a NameSpace.
: Classifier (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 201 : Classifier (architecture_autodiagram)
OwnedOperation : Operation [0..*]
Representation : InformationItem [0..*]
Substitued : Substitution [0..*]
Specifies the Classifier to which it can be substituted.
OwnedAttribute : Attribute [0..*]
OwnedNaryEnd : NaryAssociationEnd [0..*]
Conveyer : InformationFlow [0..*]
SubstitutingSubstitution : Substitution [0..*]
TargetingEnd : AssociationEnd [0..*]
OwnedEnd : AssociationEnd [0..*]
Throwing : RaisedException [0..*]
InternalStructure : BindableInstance [0..*]
Parts owned by the internal structure of the Class. These Parts represent the structure of instances of the Class, once they are instanciated.
RealizedComponent : ComponentRealization [0..*]