Description of a set of objects that share the same Attributes, Operations, methods, relationships and semantics.
The Class is the main concept used in object-oriented modeling. It specifies which Instances can exist in an application. In Modelio, a Class is owned by a NameSpace (ModelTree) that can be a Package or a Class.
: Class (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 199 : Class (architecture_autodiagram)
boolean IsActive [1..1]
Specifies whether an Object of the Class maintains its own thread of control. If true, then an Object has its own thread of control and runs concurrently with other active Objects. If false, then Operations run in the address space and under the control of the active Object that controls the caller.
boolean IsMain [1..1]
A main Class is a Class whose unique instance represents the application.
LinkToAssociation : ClassAssociation [0..1]