A UML 2.0 Part.
A BindableInstance represents the UML 2.0 "Part" concept. It is an Instance that can be bound to an AssociationEnd, a Parameter or an Instance. The RepresentedFeature is used for every case where Elements need to be represented under a different and more specific configuration. For example, a Port on a Part is bound to the same Port on the Classifier of that Part. When Attributes are represented as Parts inside a Class and its internal structure, the Part is bound to its representing Attribute. In Modelio, a BindableInstance belongs to an instance, a Classifier internal structure or a Collaboration declared instance.
: BindableInstance (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 197 : BindableInstance (architecture_autodiagram)
Cluster : Instance [0..1]
InternalOwner : Classifier [0..1]
Representation : Binding [0..*]
Binding between Parts, from a CollaborationUse.
RepresentedFeature : UmlModelElement [0..1]
Expresses that the Part or Port represents an element from within a more accurate context (such as within an instance or a class internal structure).