Property of a Class.
An Attribute is a named slot within a Classifier that describes a range of values that instances of the Classifier may hold. In Modelio, an Attribute belongs to a Classifier as a Feature or to an AssociationEnd as a Qualifier.
: Attribute (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 194 : Attribute (architecture_autodiagram)
string TypeConstraint [1..1]
Provides an indication of the instanciation of the Attribute's elementary class. For example, in the case of an attribute string, TypeConstraint determines the size of the string (*, 10, etc.).
string Value [1..1]
Default value of the Attribute. This value is assigned at creation time, unless a specific value is specified.
boolean TargetIsClass [1..1]
Determines that the target is itself a metaclass.
Type : GeneralClass [0..1]
Determines which Class is the Attribute's type.
Owner : Classifier [0..1]
Occurence : AttributeLink [0..*]
RepresentingObjectNode : ObjectNode [0..*]
Qualified : AssociationEnd [0..1]