Connection of an Association to one of its related Classes.
An AssociationEnd is an endpoint of an Association, which connects the Association to a Classifier. Each AssociationEnd is part of one Association. When the Association is navigable, this link is considered to be a property of the connected Class. It is thus a Feature in the same way as Attributes or Operations. An Association is linked to several Classes via AssociationEnds, which determine roles, multiplicities and navigabilities. The connected Classifier is defined by the usual composition link from Classifier to Feature. In Modelio, an AssociationEnd is a Feature of a Class.
: AssociationEnd (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 193 : AssociationEnd (architecture_autodiagram)
AggregationKind Aggregation [1..1]
This attribute is used to distinguish between normal Associations (KindIsAssociation), shared aggregation (KindIsAggregation) and strong aggregations (KindIsComposition)
boolean IsChangeable [1..1]
When placed on a target end, specifies whether an instance of the Association may be modified from the source end.
Navigability Navigability [1..1]
Target : Classifier [0..1]
OppositeOwner : AssociationEnd [1..1]
Source : Classifier [0..1]
Occurence : LinkEnd [0..*]
Sent : InformationFlow [0..*]
Qualifier : Attribute [0..*]
Defines a Qualifier on the AssociationEnd.
Opposite : AssociationEnd [1..1]
RepresentingObjectNode : ObjectNode [0..*]
Association : Association [0..1]