Definition of links that may exist between objects.
An Association describes discrete connections among objects or other instances in a system. An Association is often established between two Classes (binary associations), but can be established between several Classes (n-ary associations). An Association can be related to a ClassAssociation that may, for example, provide Attributes and Operations. The connections to the associated Classes are specified through the AssociationEnd metaclass. The AssociationEnd metaclass will provide the properties of an Association, such as cardinalities, navigability, and so on. Aggregation is a specific case of an Association. In Modelio, an Association physically belongs to no other elements. It has a specific way of behaving during transfer and copy/paste operations, depending on whether the connected Classes are transferred in conjunction or not.
: Association (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 192 : Association (architecture_autodiagram)
Occurence : Link [0..*]
End : AssociationEnd [2..2]
LinkToClass : ClassAssociation [0..1]
Specifies a ClassAssociation that may be related to the Association.