Inheritance or Dependency link (Uses) between UseCases.
In Modelio, this specific metaclass has been created for the definition of these links. Two predefined Stereotypes are defined for this link: <extends>> and <<includes>>. UseCaseDependencies belong to their origin UseCase.
: UseCaseDependency (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 181 : UseCaseDependency (architecture_autodiagram)
Origin : UseCase [1..1]
ExtensionLocation : ExtensionPoint [0..*]
An ordered list of extension points belonging to the extended use case, specifying where the respective behavioral fragments of the extending use case are to be inserted. The first fragment in the extending use case is associated with the first extension point in the list, the second fragment with the second point, and so on. (Note that, in most practical cases, the extending use case has just a single behavior fragment, so that the list of extension points is trivial.)
Target : UseCase [1..1]
In a dependency between UseCases, this defines the link to the target UseCase.