Unit of externally visible functionality provided by part of a system.
A UseCase is expressed by sequences of Messages exchanged by system units and one or more Actors of the system. The definition of a UseCase includes all of the Behavior that it entails. This Behavior can be expressed by sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, Object diagrams, and so on. UseCases are structured by Packages, and have cooperation links with Actors. UseCases belong to a NameSpace.
: UseCase (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 180 : UseCase (architecture_autodiagram)
Used : UseCaseDependency [0..*]
In dependencies between UseCases, this defines the link to the UseCaseDependency association.
OwnedExtension : ExtensionPoint [0..*]
References the ExtensionPoints owned by the use case.
User : UseCaseDependency [0..*]