Path from one State to another.
Transitions represent the reaction of an object in a certain State, to a particular Event. For protocol state diagrams, Transitions represent the possible paths between States. In Modelio, a Transition belongs to its source StateVertex.
: Transition (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 177 : Transition (architecture_autodiagram)
string Effect [1..1]
Defines the actions triggered by the Transition. This field excludes the ProcessedOperation association that is shorthand for defining a call action.
string ReceivedEvents [1..1]
Received events that trigger the Transition.
string SentEvents [1..1]
Events sent by the Transition once it is triggered.
string Guard [1..1]
string PostCondition [1..1]
Processed : Operation [0..1]
The Operation processed once the Transition is triggered. This is shorthand for a call event, and is also useful for defining the operation carried by a Transition in protocol state diagrams.
Trigger : Event [0..1]
Events that may trigger the Transition (under initial state and initial Transitions). This association is exclusive from the "ReceivedEvents" string.
BehaviorEffect : Behavior [0..1]
Target : StateVertex [0..1]
Specifies the Transitions entering the vertex.
Source : StateVertex [0..1]
Specifies the Transitions departing from the vertex.
Effects : Signal [0..1]
When the Transition is accomplished, occurrences of this Signal will be sent.