Graph of States and Transitions that describes the dynamic behavior of objects.
State diagams can also define usage protocol for Classes. In Modelio, a StateMachine belongs to a Package, an Operation, a UseCase or a Class. Its natural position is to belong to a Class.
: StateMachine (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 174 : StateMachine (architecture_autodiagram)
KindOfStateMachine Kind [1..1]
A state machine can be a dynamic state machine, as usually defined in UML (Harel state diagrams), or a protocol state machine. Protocol state machines represent the usage protocol of the Class' Operations. It defines in which order and for which condition and state an Operation can be invoked.
Top : Region [1..1]
Defines the root state for the current StateMachine. All other states will be substates of the TopState.
SubmachineState : State [0..*]
EntryPoint : EntryPointPseudoState [0..*]
ExitPoint : ExitPointPseudoState [0..*]