Notable situation or condition during the life of an object.
A State represents a period of time during which an object waits for an Event or some Events to occur, or a period of time during which an object performs some ongoing activity. States are interconnected by Transitions. In Modelio, States belong either to another State, or to a StateMachine if they are the root.
: State (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 173 : State (architecture_autodiagram)
ExitPoint : ExitPointPseudoState [0..*]
Deffered : Event [0..*]
A list of Events the effect of whose occurrence during the State is postponed until the owner enters a State in which they are not deferred, at which time they may trigger Transitions as if they had just occurred.
Internal : InternalTransition [0..*]
Transitions that occur entirely within the State. If one of their triggers is satisfied then the action is performed without changing State. This means that the entry or exit condition of the State will not be invoked. These Transitions apply even if the StateMachine is in a nested region and they leave it in the same State.
EntryPoint : EntryPointPseudoState [0..*]
OwnedRegion : Region [0..*]
RequiredStateOf : ObjectNode [0..*]
Connection : ConnectionPointReference [0..*]
SubMachine : StateMachine [0..1]