Occurrence of an Operation, processed by Instances.
Messages are used in object diagrams, collaboration diagrams and sequence diagrams. If the Message has no InvokedOperation, then its description is in its name. In Modelio, a Message belongs to the sending MessageEnd. The message sequencing information is handled in sequence diagrams by both its MessageEnds, with an internal feature that is not directly accessible. The Joni Java API will provide methods to access the ordering of MessagesEnd as for InteractionFragments.
: Message (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 153 : Message (architecture_autodiagram)
string Argument [1..1]
Arguments passed with the message.
MessageKind KindOfMessage [1..1]
The derived kind of the Message (complete, lost, found, or unknown). The default value is unknown.
MessageSort SortOfMessage [1..1]
The sort of communication reflected by the Message. The default value is synchCall.
string Sequence [1..1]
Arguments passed with the message.
SignalSignature : Signal [0..1]
Signal that is sent by the message.
ReceiveEvent : MessageEnd [0..1]
References the reception of the message.
SendEvent : MessageEnd [0..1]
Invoked : Operation [0..1]
The Operation that is invoked by the Message.
RealizedInformationFlow : InformationFlow [0..*]