Unit of behavior that focuses on the observable exchange of information between Instances.
Interactions are units of behavior of an enclosing Classifier. Interactions focus on the passing of information with Messages between the Instances, Attributes, Parameters, ... of the Classifier or the Operation. An Interaction belongs to a NameSpace or an Operation. The interaction is composed of Lifelines and InteractionFragments, some of them send or receive Messages. InteractionFragments are ordered by an internal feature that is not directly accessible. The Joni Java API provides methods to access the ordering of InteractionFragments.
: Interaction (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 148 : Interaction (architecture_autodiagram)
FormalGate : Gate [0..*]
Fragment : InteractionFragment [0..*]
The set of fragments in the Interaction.
OwnedLine : Lifeline [0..*]
ReferedUse : InteractionUse [0..*]