Defines an expression of interaction fragments.
A combined fragment is defined by an interaction operator and corresponding interaction operands. Through the use of CombinedFragments the user will be able to describe a number of traces in a compact and concise manner. The semantics of a CombinedFragment depend on the interaction operator. Modelio specific: Gates on CombinedFragments are not supported. In order to model the call and return from a CombinedFragment, create messages just before or just after the CombinedFragment.
: CombinedFragment (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 142 : CombinedFragment (architecture_autodiagram)
InteractionOperator Operator [1..1]
Specifies the operation that defines the semantics of this combination of InteractionFragments. The default value is seq.
Operand : InteractionOperand [1..*]
The set of operands of the combined fragment.
FragmentGate : Gate [0..*]
Not supported in sequence diagrams: Specifies the gates that form the interface between this CombinedFragment and its surroundings.