A Sub-Process is an Activity whose internal details have been modeled using Activities, Gateways, Events, and Sequence Flow. A Sub-Process is a graphical object within a Process, but it also can be ?opened up? to show a lower-level Process. Sub-Processes define a contextual scope that can be used for attribute visibility, transactional scope, for the handling of exceptions, of Events, or for compensation. An Event Sub-Process may or may not occur while the parent Process is active, but it is possible that it will occur many times. Unlike a standard Sub-Process, which uses the flow of the parent Process as a trigger, an Event Sub- Process has a Start Event with a trigger. Each time the Start Event is triggered while the parent Process is active, then the Event Sub-Process will start.
: BpmnSubProcess (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 14 : BpmnSubProcess (architecture_autodiagram)
Artifact : BpmnArtifact [0..*]
FlowElement : BpmnFlowElement [0..*]
LaneSet : BpmnLaneSet [0..1]
laneset of the process. The process is represented in this cas by a pool which is decomposed by lansets and lanes.