Represents the channel that communication messages follow
A CommunicationChannel is a link between two CommunicationNodes. A CommunicationChannel can represent a Link. It owns messages that follow the channel from its start to the end, and inverted messages that go from the end to the start.
: CommunicationChannel (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 138 : CommunicationChannel (architecture_autodiagram)
StartToEndMessage : CommunicationMessage [0..*]
Channel : Link [0..1]
References the Link the communication channel represents.
Start : CommunicationNode [0..1]
Node starting the channel.
NaryChannel : NaryLink [0..1]
EndToStartMessage : CommunicationMessage [0..*]
End : CommunicationNode [0..1]
Node at the end of the channel.