Specification of a significant occurrence that has a location in time and space.
An Event is the specification of a specific occurrence at a specific point in space and time. An instance of an Event can lead to the activation of a behavioral Feature in an object. An Event can be either an occurrence of a Signal, a message occurrence, a time or a change expression occurrence. In Modelio, an Event belongs to a State Machine.
: Event (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 135 : Event (architecture_autodiagram)
string Expression [1..1]
Expression initiating the Event. This can be a time expression or a triggering condition, and can contain parameter values in the case of operation call event, and so on.
EventType Kind [1..1]
Defines the nature of the event (Time, Signal occurrence, and so on.)
Triggered : Transition [0..*]
Model : Signal [0..1]
Signal of which the Event is an occurrence.
Origin : State [0..*]
Called : Operation [0..1]
Direct link to an Operation in case of a call Event.
Composed : Behavior [1..1]