Parameter of a behavior.
BehaviorParameter is a Parameter extended to add support for streaming, exceptions and parameter sets. A BehaviorParameter is owned only by a Behavior : Activities, Interactions, State machines or OpaqueBehaviors. Behaviors that are owned by Operations have their BehaviorParameter linked to the corresponding operation Parameter. isException applies to output parameters. An output posted to an exception excludes outputs from being posted to other data and control outputs of the behavior. A token arriving at an exception output parameter of an activity aborts all flows in the activity. Any objects previously posted to non-stream outputs never leave the activity. Streaming outputs posted before any exception are not affected. Use exception parameters on activities only if it is desired to abort all flows in the activity. Streaming parameters give action access to tokens passed from its invoker while the action is executing. Values for streaming parameters may arrive anytime during the execution of the action, not just at the beginning. The effect of a parameter is a declaration of the modeler's intent, and does not have execution semantics. The modeler must ensure that the owner of the parameter has the stated effect.
: BehaviorParameter (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 134 : BehaviorParameter (architecture_autodiagram)
RepresentingObjectNode : ObjectNode [0..*]
Owner : Behavior [0..1]
Mapped : Parameter [0..1]