Implementation of a behavioral Feature or of a Classifier.
Behavior is a specification of how its context classifier changes state over time. This specification may be either a definition of possible behavior execution or emergent behavior, or a selective illustration of an interesting subset of possible executions. The latter form is typically used for capturing examples, such as a trace of a particular execution.
: Behavior (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 133 : Behavior (architecture_autodiagram)
boolean IsReentrant [1..1]
Indicates whether the behavior can be invoked while it is still executing from a previous invocation. The default value is false.
Owner : NameSpace [0..1]
Parameter : BehaviorParameter [0..*]
References a list of parameters to the behavior that describes the order and type of arguments that can be given when the behavior is invoked and of the values that will be returned when the behavior completes its execution.
OwnerOperation : Operation [0..1]
OwnedCollaboration : Collaboration [0..*]
Caller : CallBehaviorAction [0..*]
EComponent : Event [0..*]
Events are defined in the context of a Behavior.
EffectOf : Transition [0..*]