Models the flow of values to or from object nodes.
An object flow is an activity edge that only passes object and data tokens. Tokens offered by the source node are all offered to the target node. If transformation behavior is specified, then each token offered to the edge is passed to the behavior, and the output of the behavior is given to the target node for consideration instead of the token that was input to the transformation expression. If a selection expression is specified, then it is used to offer a token from the source object node to the edge, rather than using object node's ordering. It has the same semantics as selection expression on object nodes. Modelio specific : In order to make the selection and transformation sections easier to fill, these are string expressions in Modelio, instead of Behaviors in the OMG UML specification.
: ObjectFlow (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 125 : ObjectFlow (architecture_autodiagram)
string TransformationBehavior [1..1]
Expression that changes or replaces data tokens flowing along edge.
string SelectionBehavior [1..1]
Selects tokens from a source object node.
boolean IsMultiCast [1..1]
Indicates whether the objects in the flow are passed by multicasting.
boolean IsMultiReceive [1..1]
Indicates whether the objects in the flow are gathered from respondents to multicasting.
ObjectFlowEffectKind Effect [1..1]
Specifies the effect that the owner of the object flow has on values that it represents.