Represents a loop with setup, test, and body sections.
First the setup section of the loop node is executed. When the setup section has completed execution (if the test comes first) or when the body section has completed execution of an iteration, the test section is executed. When the test section has completed execution, the Boolean value on the designated test expression is examined. If the value is true, the body section is executed again. If the value is false, execution of the loop node is complete. Modelio specific : In order to make the Setup and Test sections easier to fill, these are string expressions in Modelio, instead of a set of activity nodes in the OMG UML specification.
: LoopNode (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 123 : LoopNode (architecture_autodiagram)
boolean IsTestedFirst [1..1]
If true, the test is performed before the first execution of the body. If false, the body is executed once before the test is performed. The default value is false.
string Setup [1..1]
Section that initialize values or perform other setup computations for the loop.
string Test [1..1]
Expression that computes a Boolean value to determine if another execution of the body will be performed.