A Send Task is a simple Task that is designed to send a Message to an external Participant (relative to the Process). Once the Message has been sent, the Task is completed. The actual Participant which the Message is sent can be identified by connecting the Send Task to a Participant using a Message Flow within the definitional Collaboration of the Process
: BpmnSendTask (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 11 : BpmnSendTask (architecture_autodiagram)
string Implementation [1..1]
This attribute specifies the technology that will be used to send and receive the Messages. Valid values are "##unspecified" for leaving the implementation technology open, "##WebService" for the Web service technology or a URI identifying any other technology or coordination protocol. A Web service is the default technology.
MessageRef : BpmnMessage [0..1]
OperationRef : BpmnOperation [0..1]