Executable activity node that is the fundamental unit of executable functionality in an activity, as opposed to control and data flow among actions.
The execution of an action represents some transformation or processing in the modeled system, be it a computer system or otherwise. An action may have sets of incoming and outgoing activity edges that specify control flow and data flow to and from other nodes. An action will not begin execution until all of its input conditions are satisfied. The completion of the execution of an action may enable the execution of a set of successor nodes and actions that take their inputs from the outputs of the action. Action can have pre- and postconditions (using constraints).
: ActivityNode (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 100 : ActivityNode (architecture_autodiagram)
Owner : Activity [0..1]
OwnerPartition : ActivityPartition [0..1]
Incoming : ActivityEdge [0..*]
OwnerClause : Clause [0..1]
OwnerNode : StructuredActivityNode [0..1]
Outgoing : ActivityEdge [0..*]
Edges that have the node as source.